The AAFSC Nonprofit Advertising Expert Panel Registration

The AAFSC Nonprofit Advertising Expert Panel Registration


An afternoon with nonprofit advertising and marketing experts.

An expert panel will assemble on March 26, 2020 from 4:00 PM until 7:00 PM at the Brevard Achievement Center in Rockledge, showcasing some of the biggest full-service agency names in Brevard. The goal is to discuss best practices for getting your story told including the use of new technology and sharing your primary message with an audience or customer base. How can you continue to push forward, stay immersive, and remain relevant and engaged with your audience? How can you create a narrative with engaging content and elevate your nonprofit?

  1. What are the best methods to tell your story using social media, events or other mediums?
  2. Best practices of storytelling for nonprofits include framing your message and finding your purpose.
  3. Are your visuals matching the message you are sharing with the public?
  4. How imaginative is your creative? Are you using video or apps to help you on-the-go.
  5. How are you engaging with your best donors?

We will answer these questions and more! Space is limited so register to reserve your spot today!


  • Joshua Adams
  • Jackie Barker
  • Ryan Brandt
  • Andrea Hill
  • Mike McBride
  • Susan McGrath
  • Caron Partridge

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