4th District

The 4th District consists of member representatives from all local AAF Federations within the state of Florida and the Caribbean. These representatives along with the elected officers comprise the Board of Directors of the corporation. With responsibility for the management, both operational and financial, of the District, the Board of Directors meets four times annually to conduct such business as is necessary to promote the well-being of the District Federations and, most importantly, their members. 4th District Website.

The 4th District serves in all ways to achieve this purpose by holding fast to those goals outlined in our By-Laws and Constitution which clearly mandate our purpose to be:

The DISTRICT’S purpose is to provide leadership on issues involving and affecting advertising, and, through the efforts of its members:

  • To strive for the betterment of advertising and its services to the public by encouraging, recognizing, and rewarding excellence in all fields of advertising, include public service advertising.
  • To cooperate with government officials at the State and Local levels, and to represent the industry’s positions before legislative and administrative bodies
  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of advertising practitioners, support and promote advertising education and encourage talented young people to enter the advertising profession
  • To promote and encourage the maintenance of high ethical standards including support of self-regulatory programs designed to ensure that advertising is truthful and accurate
  • To promote a better understanding of the functions and value of advertising among the public, in academia, and in the halls of government
  • To promote and encourage fellowship, understanding, and cooperation among the various disciplines of the advertising profession



4th district


District Officers

Executive Committee

These are the volunteer leaders who have dedicated years of service to the organization at the local and District level in order to rise to this elected position. The Governor is a member of the national AAF Board of Directors and represents our interests in matters that impact the advertising industry.

Governor: Heather Christman

Member: AAF Tampa Bay

Contact: Gov@4aaf.com

Employer: Christman Creative


Governor-Elect: Jon Ruhff

Member: AAF Orlando


Employer: Push Button Creative Audio


District Treasurer: Giavona Williams

Member: AAF Tallahassee

Contact: Treasurer@4aaf.com

Employer: Grova Creative


District Secretary: Kate Nenos

Member: AAF Tampa Bay

Contact: Secretary@4aaf.com


Immediate Past Governor: Mike Webber

Member: AAF Tampa Bay / Past Governor

Contact: Past-Gov@4aaf.com


District Chairs

All the AAF initiatives and operations of the local clubs are lead by these District representatives who are experts in their fields. Coordinating our efforts with the national organization, they run the District programs and assist local clubs by conducting workshops, providing necessary materials and regular communication. Not all positions listed.

District Executive Director: Sarah Jeffcoat

Member: AAF Tampa Bay

Contact: Sara@4aaf.com

Employer: Meeting Management Group


ADDY Chair: Tiffany Ryan

Member: AAF Orlando 

Contact: ADDYs@4aaf.com

Employer: CMR Studios & Digital Cinema Florida


Government Relations Chair: Bill Williams

Member: AAF Space Coast

Contact: Government@4aaf.com

Employer: A Cut Above Video


Membership Chair: Stephanie Herndon

Member: AAF Space Coast

Contact: Membership@4aaf.com

Employer: Florida Tech 


Membership Co-Chiar: Tim Hennessy

Member: AAF Southwest Florida

Contact: Membership2@4aaf.com


Programs Chair: Andrew Martineau

Member: AAF Fort Lauderdale

Contact: Programs@4aaf.com

Employer: UniteUs Group


Public Service Chair: Jennifer Peterson

Member: AAF Tampa Bay

Contact: PublicService@4aaf.com

Employer: jpcreations


Federation Revivalist: Jackie Barker

Member: AAF Space Coast

Contact: jbarker@skyadinc.com

Employer: SKY Advertising, Inc.


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