American Advertising Federation Members

 = Current board member    = Past president    = Current district leadership    = Silver medalist   

A – G

Kim Africano, Viera Builders

Jackie Barker, SKY Advertising

Mick Barker, SKY Advertising

Tori Barker, SKY Advertising

Cathy Bell, Your Logo by Geiger

Linda Brandt, Brandt Ronat & Company

Stephanie Byrd, The Viera Company

Heather Christman, Christman Creative

Madison Conradis, Your Logo by Geiger

Shamika Chamberlain, The Custom Ladybug

Christopher DeLarue, The Ad Leaf

Scott Eller, Morsecom 

Chris Fynan, MTN Advertising, Inc.

Jill Blue, Bluewater Creative Group  

Jeremy Gerster, SKY Advertising

Keri Goff, Brevard Achievement Center

Eric Greaves, SKY Advertising


Stephanie Herndon, Arctic Rays 

Andrea Hill, Brevard Zoo

David Jones, Diversity of Though, Inc.

Joe LeBlanc, Cape Leisure Corporation

Christie Lynes, Beachside Connections

Mike McBride, Cowbell Agency

Susan McBride, Cowbell Agency

Connor McCloud, A Cut Above Video

Tim McKercher, LOOK Marketing

Angela Neal, Project Solvers

Katie Pallone, Katie Pallone Art & Design

Caron Partridge, United Way of Brevard

Tracy Phillips, SKY Advertising

Jennifer Pokorny, Rock Paper Simple

Adrienne Roth, Brevard Business News


Marcus Smith, Impact Financial Group

Shea Steininger, L3Harris Technologies

Tracy Stroderd, Everything Brevard

Rachel Terry, Rachel Terry Art Director & Designer

Brian Wallace, The Ad Leaf

Barry Walton, Endless Media

Bill Williams, A Cut Above Video  

Walter Wood, MTN Advertising, Inc.

Brianna Wright, Brevard Zoo

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