AAFSC Leadership

On June 17, 2021, our chapter installed the Board of Directors for our 2021-2022 year. Nomination for next year’s board will commence on TBA.

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Executive Officers

Jeremy Gerster 
SKY Advertising, Inc.

President Elect
Shamika Chamberlin
The Custom Ladybug

Kim Africano
Viera Builders

Bri Wright
Brevard Zoo

Immediate Past President
Keri Goff
Brevard Achievement Center

Board Members at Large

Tracy Stroderd | Director 

Stephanie Byrd | Director
The Viera Company

David Jones | Director
Diversity of Thought, Inc.

Adrienne Roth | Director
Brevard Business News

Brain Wallace | Director
The Ad Leaf

Scott Eller | Director

Jennifer Pokorny | Director
Rock Paper Simple

Christie Lynes | Director
Beachside Connections

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