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Developing, Empowering and Celebrating the Advertising Industry

AAF Space Coast provides unique opportunities for members to share ideas, engage with experts and give back to the community. 

We are a community of advertising professionals in various disciplines and career stages that continue to advance in our professional pursuits while providing opportunities to impact others with scholarships and public service initiatives for the community around us. The strength of our 40,000 member unified voice can be seen with our impacts on the Advertising Industry around the nation. Our government relations in these matters will continue to create a voice for thousands of advertising and marketing agencies, designers, filmmakers, artists, non-profits and many others. 

  1. In-house Advertising and Marketing Professionals
    Like every other business, the ad biz keeps changing, with new techniques and new technology. Through involvement you’ll learn that keeping up with the times isn’t optional. It’s essential. Your work might be life-changing or increase the bottom line but consider that it can also be award-winning too. 
  2. Agencies and Freelancers
    The AAF Space Coast appreciates its community of talent in local agencies and freelancers to bring beautiful, compelling, and professionally elevated print design, film and websites. As an agency or freelance member, you successfully execute the current trends in marketing, design and technology. As a member, you can network, share as experts in panel events and provide your collective weight and expertise with we have legislative issues with an impact on local business. 
  3. Small Business
    In the ad biz, it’s what you know and who you know. The AAF Space Coast means networking and networking means new business. If you are a small business and need advice, we are the go-to for contacts and industry trends. 
  4. Award opportunities for all
    The Space Coast Ad Fed sponsors the ad community’s most prestigious event: the ADDY Awards. Members get a deep discount on ADDY entries—a real opportunity for creative types to strut their stuff and maybe even rise to compete on the National level.
  5. Birds of a feather flock together
    Events and learning sessions can provide opportunities to make new friends and share your industry knowledge. The club is always looking for members to join committees and eventually serve on the local board.    
  6. Public Service
    Joining the AAF Space Coast automatically brings you membership in the the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Through the AAF and the 4th District, you will support good causes like the Plastic Brigade (beach clean-up event), Light the Lantern (collection of items for local homeless or low-income teens) and various other public service needs in the community. 


Membership Rates

If you require membership be split between departments or already have a membership but want to add more, please contact to make sure you receive the correct discounted price. Our membership season starts July 1st each year.

  • Individual: $80
  • 2 Members: $150
  • 3-4 Members: $70/Member
  • 5-9 Members: $65/Member
  • 10+ Members: $60/Member

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