If you’re in business… you’re in Advertising!

Becoming a Member… What’s in it for You? Stay on top of your game. The key in the fast pace world of advertising is to keep up with the ever changing marketplace. Learn about what’s happening in the industry— what others are doing and the latest trends.


Seven Really Great Reasons to Join the AAFSC

  1. You’ll get smarter
    Like every other business, the ad biz keeps changing, with new techniques and new technology. Through involvement you’ll learn that keeping up with the times isn’t optional. It’s essential.
  2. You’ll get words from the wise.
    The AAF Space Coast brings you outstanding speakers on current trends in marketing, design and technology, as well as the latest legislative news with an impact on your business.
  3. You’ll get it in writing, too.
    Monthly issues of the Space Coast Newsletter will be listed on line to keep you informed. We also are printing a Directory of members which will serve as your local “bible” on agencies, suppliers and media contacts.
  4. You’ll make new contacts.
    In the ad biz, it’s what you know and who you know. The AAF Space Coast means networking and networking means new business.
  5. You’ll get to see how you stack up.
    The Space Coast Ad Fed sponsors the ad community’s most prestigious event: the ADDY Awards. Members get a deep discount on ADDY entries—a real opportunity for creative types to strut their stuff and maybe even rise to compete on the National level.
  6. You’ll have fun.
    Whether our monthly membership meetings, the terrific holiday party, or the stellar ADDY Awards banquet in the spring, the AAF Space Coast means fun. Afraid of having too good a time? Then maybe you’re in the wrong place.
  7. You’ll help the community.
    Joining the AAF Space Coast automatically brings you membership in the the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Through the AAF you also support good causes like Partnership for Drug Free America, a national, non-profit organization dedicated to keeping our nation’s youth off drugs and Get Unloaded, a national non-profit campaign to unload guns and add safety locks.



Membership Rates

If you require membership be split between departments or already have a membership but want to add more, please contact to make sure you receive the correct discounted price. Our membership season starts July 1st each year.

  • Individual: $80
  • 2 Members: $150
  • 3-4 Members: $70/Member
  • 5-9 Members: $65/Member
  • 10+ Members: $60/Member

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