Advertising is Relational

Building relationships is a huge part of doing business today. Connecting at AAF-SC Socials are a great way to grow your friends list.

AAF-SC can help you spread the word about your business, connect with other business owners and make contact with potential clients.

There are many valuable reasons why attending networking socials are important.

Make Friends

Business contacts are only as valuable as the depth of connection that you’ve made. It’s one thing to “know of” somebody and quite another thing to actually KNOW somebody. This doesn’t mean that you have to be Best Friends For Life with every contact, but it does mean being more than just some dude on their LinkedIn list.

Business Referrals—for you and your clients

There is no faster way to build a solid business relationship than bringing in some clients for the other party. If the contact wins the business or makes some money due to your help, it’s a perfect reason to celebrate, in-person if possible. Trust me, such occasions forge business relationships that stand the test of time.


Meet other advertising and marketing pros with complimentary skills. Go you own or manage a business and need some help marketing and promting? Do you have overflow work that may need a freelancer? Are you a web developer who needs a graphic artist?

AAF-SC Socials are a key place to meet and find talent in Brevard County. The socials may be the place where you land your next job.

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